Welcome to RGA's ChangeMaker Podcast series. This series of short recordings features some of the brightest executives working in American business today talking about the changes they are working to bring to their industries. These are the leaders that will define the economic future of our country.

American industrialists were among the first to bring consistent innovation to business operations. In fact, the stories about our country's coming of age in the early years of the 20th Century are overflowing with innovative ideas that simply could not be contained.

After we transitioned into an information-based service society, it seemed that innovation became harder to define and therefore more difficult to harness. The fact that innovation, by definition, involves change makes it even more difficult to embrace for a workforce that no longer succeeds or fails on the quality of their work.

And yet, there are those that still believe in the pursuit of innovation and quality, treating them like requisites for success. Since that is also our philosophy at RGA Public Relations, we wanted to offer a platform for these executives to share their thoughts about change and innovation. While some of these executives are our friends and clients, many are not.

If you are passionate about positive change and creating innovation in your industry, we invite you to be a guest on our show. Contact us for more information.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Jeff Schurman, founder of Leading Causes, LLC

Jeff Schurman has already been a guest on this podcast (see the link in Related Links below), but he's back to talk more about white papers and how they can benefit companies operating in the financial services industry.

You will recall that Jeff is the founder of Leading Causes, LLC, a leadership and business development advisory firm that helps small- and medium-sized enterprises and non-profits cultivate, adopt, execute and sustain innovation initiatives, great ideas, and strategic plans. You'll find the rest of Jeff's bio by following the link to his previous ChangeMaker podcast.

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