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American industrialists were among the first to bring consistent innovation to business operations. In fact, the stories about our country's coming of age in the early years of the 20th Century are overflowing with innovative ideas that simply could not be contained.

After we transitioned into an information-based service society, it seemed that innovation became harder to define and therefore more difficult to harness. The fact that innovation, by definition, involves change makes it even more difficult to embrace for a workforce that no longer succeeds or fails on the quality of their work.

And yet, there are those that still believe in the pursuit of innovation and quality, treating them like requisites for success. Since that is also our philosophy at RGA Public Relations, we wanted to offer a platform for these executives to share their thoughts about change and innovation. While some of these executives are our friends and clients, many are not.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Don Kracl, CEO of Mortech

Don Kracl is the founder and president of Mortech and the mortgage technology visionary behind the MarksmanLMP Lending Management Platform. A mortgage industry veteran with experience dating back to 1979 when he managed a mortgage lending center for American Charter Federal Savings & Loan (later acquired by US Bank), Kracl has worked to make mortgage lending easier for the industry and homeowners for more than 30 years.

Over his long career in U.S. Financial Services, Kracl also served Gateway Bank as Mortgage Loan Manager before the institution sold to Wells Fargo, and Edward Jones as an account representative. Prior to moving into financial services, he worked as a commercial charter pilot and flight instructor. He still flies today.

At Mortech, Kracl developed SRPcalc, one of the industry’s first successful loan pricing software solutions. Today the company’s core product is MarksmanLMP, which, as the industry’s first full-featured Lending Management Platform simplifies, automates and organizes the mortgage lending process.

Since founding Mortech in 1987, Kracl has built his company into an industry-leading firm and partnered with some of the largest companies in any industry, including Google, LendingTree and the National Credit Reporting Association. His company is SAS 70 Type II compliant and has been recognized this year and last by Mortgage Technology magazine as one of the Top 50 service providers to the U.S. mortgage lending industry. In 2009, the company won Mortgage Technology Magazine’s Synergy award with partner AllRegs.

Don Kracl lives with his family in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In this ChangeMaker podcast, Don talks about pricing the mortgage transaction.

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